Why Does My Vape Taste Burnt? The Common Causes and its Solutions

why does my vape taste burnt

When your vape suddenly feels burnt, it can be perplexing and annoying. How can this be fixed or prevented in the future? Why does my vape taste burnt? First and foremost, remember that burnt flavour in e-cigarettes is more prevalent than you might believe. Could you not get too freaked out over it? The issue is also simple to resolve. The atomizer coil’s wick is usually burned out and dried out in the case of vapours with burnt tastes. A dried-out coil heating up would result in a burnt taste, given that the wick, meant to heat the flower you’re trying to swallow, burns. 

Why does my vape taste burnt?

Vaping excessively and quickly

You risk burning the wick and getting scorched flavour if you vape more quickly than the wick can draw in vape juice. 

Using the Wrong E-Liquid for Vaping

Different vape tanks are designed to hold various vape juices. Vape juices with a high vegetable glycerin (VG) content are thicker and have a higher sugar content than other vape juice blends. The result may be a blocked vapour or juice channel, which prevents vape juice from flowing freely and causes the liquid to burn. 

Pumping too much energy

Even with vape juice present, burning your wick quickly requires pumping in too much power too fast. This is typically a problem with box mod-style vapes because they have strong batteries that can provide energy. To overcome this problem, start with a low power level and gradually increase it until you reach your ideal vaping range.

Using low-quality or expired E-liquids

The flavour experience for people using electronic cigarettes or vaporizers can be significantly impacted by using low-quality e-liquids or expired e-liquids. E-liquids are essential to these devices since they supply flavour and nicotine to the user. A decreased flavour profile and an unpleasant vaping experience might result from e-liquid quality issues. The e-liquid’s quality of components is one of the main factors influencing flavour. Low-grade flavourings, nicotine, and diluents are just a few examples of the cheaper, less refined chemicals found in low-quality e-liquids. Vaping can be less enjoyable because of the harsh and unpleasant flavour that these defective components can produce.

Using expired or old Coils

If you have a refillable vape tank, your coils may be old, giving you a persistent burned flavour. The coils in all vape tanks may ultimately need to be replaced, or the tank may need to be replaced entirely, as time has a relentless way of doing things. It’s time to change the coils if you’ve made sure your wick is not burned, noticed that you have enough vape juice, and yet detect burnt flavours. Unlike disposable cartridges or disposable vapes, rebuildable atomizers (RBA) typically allow coil exchange. 

The best ways to prevent vape burnt taste

Refill your vape tank regularly

Lack of vape juice in your tank is the most frequent cause of wick burn. The simplest, most direct method of protecting your wick and preventing burnt strikes is to fill the tank before it begins to get empty regularly. 

Prime the Coils

This implies that you physically pre-soak your wick before turning on your vape pen and allowing it to run for about 10 minutes. The procedures for priming your coils will differ. 

Make Regular Vape Coil Replacements

Using an RBA-style vape tank and replacing the coils regularly according to a schedule is an excellent method to prevent receiving unpleasant, burnt hits. The concept is the same as buying replacement tyres before a flat tyre. 

Limit the amount of wick material you install.

Getting burnt hits is simple if you overstuff your coils with cotton or other material. A portion of the wick will constantly be exposed to direct heat because too much wick material makes it difficult for it to become saturated. This raises the risk of burning your wick, which results in a burnt flavour. 

Use the appropriate vape tank and battery.

Even though a vape tank and battery can connect physically, they may need to be more compatible. It will be pretty simple to fry your coils if you have a powerful vape battery coupled to a tank with low power needs. As there is no way to salvage burnt coils, this destroys your vape tank. To prevent using unsuitable equipment, we advise new users to purchase vape kits, including the best vape tank and batteries. 

Select the Proper Vape Juice

Most vape juice on the market has at least a 1:1 ratio of propylene glycol (PG) to vegetable glycerin (VG). Yet, most vape devices are not designed to handle high VG concentrations. Both this ratio and vape juices with higher PG concentrations will frequently result in problems with your vape tank. 

Use a reusable vaporizer

You have very little chance of experiencing burnt hits from a disposable vape. Consider switching to disposables, like the Firefly Mini, if you prefer to avoid keeping your vape tank clean all the time. 

How to identify a burned coil

Unfortunately, there’s a good likelihood that you’ve already burned some of the cotton inside the coil, necessitating replacement. If it’s burned, that taste won’t go away! Many things can cause a coil to become burned, and even though the sensation isn’t as intense, you’re still not getting the most out of your e-liquid.

How Can We Prevent Burning Out of Our Coils?

All coils will, regrettably, ultimately burn out, although entropy is inevitable. Regardless of whether you take the recommended actions, you must routinely replace your coils (or eventually your vape tank)!

Limit your use of power when neededYou run an excellent danger of roasting your coils if you set your vape to its highest temperature the first time you use a vape tank. Pushing excessive power through a cold coil could damage the delicate electronics involved, even if the coils are rated for the temperature level you wish to utilize. Start slowly and increase the temperature till it is ideal for you!
Clean the CoilsMaintaining coil cleanliness is a fantastic technique to increase the lifespan of coils because residue buildup is frequently the cause of coils burning out. Even though not all coils can be cleaned, clean the ones that can!
Regularly refill your coilsAs we’ve already discussed, refilling your vape juice tank regularly is the best thing you can do to prevent burning hits. If you detest the idea of frequently cleaning up vape juice spills, you could find it appealing that many tanks are made expressly for simple refilling. 


Why does my vape taste burnt? Burnt impacts are unpleasant and revolting surprises when they occur. However, if you heed the previous instructions, you’ll find that burned hits are sporadic. Constantly tasting delicious vapour requires some labour and diligence, but it’s worth it! If the effort needed to prevent burnt collisions from a refillable vape tank doesn’t appeal to you, think about switching to disposable vapes. They simplify the maintenance process for a gadget, and while burnt hits are possible, they will be incredibly uncommon. You now know what causes burnt hits. You’ll at least be aware of the likely causes and what to do if a covert burning impact occurs. Be not disheartened. Vaping is a pleasant, risk-free substitute for smoking. Pick up a new coil and throw away the burned one if your existing one tastes scorched. Remember to prime it first!


Why does my disposable vape taste burnt?

Your atomizer coil may emit a burnt flavour if there is insufficient e-liquid on the wick. The coil of a low-end disposable vape gets too hot and overheats the little e-liquid left, resulting in the bitter, burnt flavour. This happens when there is not enough e-liquid to soak into the wick.

Why does my rechargeable vape taste burnt?

When inhaling, you will taste a burnt flavour if there is insufficient e-liquid in your vape tank or pod. Essentially, the coil will burn the wicking material inside the coil rather than vaporizing the e-liquid in the tank.




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