Why Does My Vape Keep Hitting After I Stop Using It? Let’s Fix This Problem!

Why Does My Vape Keep Hitting After I Stop

Isn’t it irritating that the Vape auto-fires by itself when you stop it? Auto-firing typically isn’t a cause for concern. The majority of contemporary vaporizers have an automatic cutoff feature that, after a certain amount of time, prevents the battery from powering the coil. It is annoying, though, as auto-firing consumes e-liquid and may harm pod locks. It could be due to various reasons, but you are here to know why my Vape keeps hitting after I stop using it and how to fix this problem. So you have come to the right place because today I’ll discuss this issue in detail. 

Why does my Vape keep hitting after I stop?

It can be frightening to witness your vape fire on its own, and if the problem is not fixed right away, it could be dangerous. Even if you’ve never encountered this situation, it’s crucial to understand the warning signals, potential causes, and appropriate responses.

There are two ways to start your vaporizer when you smoke. 

  1. To start the device, either inhale or press a button (manual fire).
  2. The second way is known as auto-firing, but the term may also be used to describe when a vape device activates without you inhaling or touching the fire button.

What is the auto-firing of the Vape? 

A vaporizer is said to be “auto-firing” if it starts to burn without the user having to click the primary fire or power button. When that occurs, the gadget is frequently in a pocket, handbag, or drawer, out of reach of a mistaken button press.

What is the auto-firing of the Vape 

Why is my disposable Vape hitting by itself?

Numerous things, most of which have to do with your device’s sensors, can contribute to auto-firing. These elements comprise:

1.The device becomes clogged with residue.
2.A debris, dirt, or dust buildup on the sensors.
3.The gadget accumulates condensate.
4.There needs to be a better connection between the coil and the pod device.
5.Deterioration of the gadget, such as from unintentional drops.
6.Extreme temperatures – It’s apparent that during the hot summer season, there is a rise in reported auto-fire problems.
7.A defective chip may be present in your gadget. This chip instructs the battery when to deliver power.

How to fix a disposable vape that keeps hitting?

It’s uncommon to experience auto-firing with a disposable vape, as we’ve already indicated. If it does occur, it is more challenging to take action. That’s because the pod is typically integrated into the apparatus and challenging to remove. The item should be put in a sturdy, fire-resistant container until the battery is dead.

Now that you know the cause of the issue, you must discover how to stop a disposable vaporizer from firing automatically.

Disconnect your disposable vaporizer.

Only when your gadget is turned on may it fire automatically. Turn off your device before attempting any of the options. Most of the time, you must hold down the fire button for ten seconds or press it repeatedly. It is essential to verify the user handbook because of the number of times it changes from device to device. There are several disposables without a power button. Many contemporary disposable vape pens are so svelte and functional that they lack any features. You must remove the battery if your gadget lacks a clear-off control. You must take the external body of your device off to reach the battery.

Make the Contact Points Clean

You can clean the contact points after removing the battery from the rest of the gadget. Battery contacts are not all the same; instead, they differ from battery to battery in terms of size and shape. You can see where the positive and negative contact points are very readily. With a tissue or cotton bud, thoroughly clean the contact locations. Any remaining dirt and debris causing your disposable Vape to malfunction should be eliminated by doing this.

You should soak a tissue or cotton bud in isopropyl alcohol if there is a lot of debris on the contact sites, as it works. 

Check the Coils

Coils are a frequent problem, especially for inexperienced vapers who need more experience to recognize when it’s time for a replacement. Coils are thin metal wires. The coil has to heat up for your device to function correctly. The coil eventually burns up after reaching its maximum capacity. Misuse can also result in this, leaving a scorched taste in the mouth. If this holds for you, dispose of your old coil appropriately and replace it with a new one.

Examine the Voltage

Disposable vape devices frequently lack a variable voltage output. You’ll receive very little vapor or enormous clouds because the voltage is fixed. However, some disposables offer a variety of settings. The ideal voltage range is between 3.2V and 4V. You’ve identified the cause of your device’s automatic firing if its voltage exceeds that. Restarting your device will allow you to adjust the voltage to a safe range. 

You only need to quickly push the fire button a predetermined number of times to switch on and off a conventional pod system. You should see various setup options when the device powers back on.

Cool Down Your Vape

Your device may be having trouble handling the hot weather. Since many disposable vape products are small, this is true. You can typically determine if this is the issue by touching the outer case. Is it warm? If so, you must fill your tank with a few drops of e-juice. The juice will cool the coil while also evaporating very quickly.

Use only nic salts

Your vaping device may be significantly impacted by the juice you use. If the disposable Vape includes anything except nicotine salts, it can automatically fire.

Compared to typical freebase nicotine products, which require a lot of energy, heat, and vapor production, nic salts require a far smaller amount of energy. Nicotine salts, therefore, auto-fire far less frequently. Additionally, nicotine salts are much more quickly absorbed into the bloodstream than freebase compounds. You can stop auto-firing and get your nicotine dose faster by switching to nic salts!

Take the battery out and check it.

You must return to the battery if all other efforts have proven ineffective. As we’ve found, one of the primary causes of your smartphone firing automatically can be the battery. Most frequently, the chipset is where the issue is. The chipset is susceptible to several things. It is vulnerable to deterioration and dysfunction from various sources, including water, fire, and accidental damage. In the end, a new battery might be necessary. Despite the aggravating additional cost, this could answer all of your auto-firing woes!

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Does Vape keep hitting after I stop? Is it hazardous? 

Does Vape keep hitting after I stop Is it hazardous 

You undoubtedly already know that having your vaporizer fire automatically is a bad idea. There is cause for alarm whenever equipment acts independently of your commands. That is particularly true for a vape device, though, as it is built to produce a lot of heat.

You want to avoid a hot metal or plastic box in your pocket, handbag, or desk drawer. A battery may vent continuously due to auto-firing until it reaches the point of explosion. Auto-firing should not be taken lightly because it might result in dangerous fires and possible injuries.

How to fix a vape that keeps hitting itself?

If you’re confident in your ability to troubleshoot a little, you can figure out what is making your device automatically fire and even make a few repairs to fix the problem. Simple adjustments could prevent the automatic fire and shield you from potentially hazardous circumstances. But above all, you need to think about your security. You might wait to attempt repairs if you’re starting out vaping. Contact a professional if you don’t have the necessary tools or don’t feel confident in your mechanical ability. It’s crucial to remember that repairs should be treated carefully because the equipment is battery-powered and generates an electrical current.

Try these steps when you’re ready to examine the device:

  • Change the batteries in your gadget. Sometimes a storm is simply a poor apple and will start sending power alone. To check whether it resolves the problem, try replacing your batteries.
  • For indicators of burnout, examine your chip and switch. A burnout chip or control is one of the most frequent reasons for auto-shooting. Look for any indications of damage on the button and chip if you can disassemble your device. It is a good idea to update them, nonetheless, because you may not always be able to spot the problem physically. 

How should you respond if your device automatically fires?

The first thing to do if you have a pod gadget is to remove the battery. Use something to shield your hands from the heat. After unplugging the pod for the night, thoroughly clean all the contacts using a cotton bud. The problem must now be resolved, but if it persists, you should either dispose of the item or, if it is still covered by warranty, contact your supplier.

Is auto-firing a cause for concern?

Auto-firing is typically nothing to be concerned about. The majority of contemporary vape devices have an automated cutoff that, after a predetermined amount of time, prevents the battery from powering the coil. Auto-firing wastes e-liquid and can harm the locks in pods. Thus it is a hassle.

The bottling line

Why does my Vape keep hitting after I stop by itself? You now have all the information required to prevent a vape from firing automatically. Extreme temperatures, replacement components, and sensor issues are no problem. You don’t need to freak out the next time your device starts firing automatically. Ultimately, a risk is involved in deciding to keep using a gadget with auto-firing issues. Since the problem is so significant, it should be adequately treated because you can never predict when it will recur. 


Why does my kangvape keeps hitting after I stop?

The most typical cause is that the contact points inside the pen are not correctly closing. This may occur if the cell is damaged or needs to be initially put together correctly. Other potential causes of your disposable vaporizer firing automatically include a lousy battery.

Why does my disposable Vape keeps hitting after I stop?

The airflow sensor or auto-draw switch could also be blocked by something. Try tapping or flicking the disposable where the pod/cartridge section is located (at the top of the gadget). You can resume vaping by clearing out anything obstructing the airflow.

How can I avoid having my disposable Vape burn?

Chain vaping can result in scorched hits, so consider taking slower, longer draws and waiting 15 to 20 seconds between them. This provides the wick ample opportunity to absorb the e-liquid and offer you the most flavorful experience possible.




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