How to Ghost Vape? A Complete Beginner’s Guide!

how to ghost vape

As an increased trend in vaping, people find it entertaining to ghost vape, and many are interested to know how to ghost vape. So, today we will be discussing some easy tricks for ghosting vape. This cool trick doesn’t need any props or other materials. This implies that you can use this approach elsewhere. This method works with whatever vape juice flavour you like; other tricks need a more complex setup and ingredients to function correctly.

How to ghost a vape?

The practice of ‘ghost vaping’ involves:

  • Inhaling a puff of vapour.
  • Holding it in the throat.
  • Slowly expelling it to produce a spectral effect.

This method involves inhaling vapour, holding it in your mouth for a few seconds, and slowly, carefully expelling it to produce a dense, obvious vapour cloud.

How Ghost vaping trick  is different from standard vaping

How Ghost vaping trick  is different from standard vaping

Ghost vaping emphasizes the aesthetic aspect of creating a sizable cloud of vapour. While the primary goal of regular vaping is to inhale nicotine or flavour-infused vapour, the primary purpose of ghost vaping is to produce an eye-catching impression.

Benefits of ghost vaping

For vapers, ghost vaping can be a fascinating and entertaining experience. 

  • It can be a fantastic way to impress your friends and flaunt your vaping prowess.
  • Additionally, ghost vaping can be a stress-relieving pastime for certain people because it calls for focused attention and deep breathing. 
  • Ghost vaping can also be a means to try out various e-liquids and flavours because the visual impact can make it easier to understand the subtleties of the flavours.

How do you ghost a vape?

Ghost vaping – what is it? Back then, some cigarette smokers would “ghost puff” to prevent smoke from getting into their lungs. One method for introducing smoke to non-smokers was through this. A vape pen for carrying around produces a comparable puff as ghost vaping. This fascinating method includes taking a mouth hit from your vape device and holding it in your mouth briefly before letting it go. The vapour will have a thick ball form when it emerges, allowing you to pull it back in. Ghost vape gets its name because it appears briefly before disappearing.

Is Ghosting Something You Should Try?

Is Ghosting Something You Should Try

It’s a lot of fun to ghost. Ghosting is a great place to begin learning vaping skills if you’re new to them. It was simple to execute and one of the first vape tricks I tried when I was starting. Even though this vape trick doesn’t require a lot of ability, it nevertheless has the potential to surprise your friends, especially when you consider how simple it appears to be.

How to do a ghosty?

After letting the vapour sit in your mouth for a moment, gently push it out with your tongue while keeping your lips closed. Immediately after the smoke has left your mouth, quickly re-suck it in. It is wise to master the Ghost Inhale early on because it is employed in increasingly complex feats.

How to ghost with a vape? 

First step: Inhaling 

How to ghost inhale? To successfully vape a ghost, you must first perfect your inhalation technique. This is the trick’s most crucial component; how well you execute it will depend on it. Like smoking, your ability to perfect the inhale required for ghost vaping depends on your inhalation technique. In contrast to smoking, you take a lung rather than a mouth hit when you vape. Those who have smoked before are likely familiar with mouth hits because that is the standard manner to smoke a cigarette.

There is a simple method to understand how a mouth hit (or lung hit) feels if you have never touched a cigarette before and are unfamiliar with it. Like sipping through a straw, that is! A comparable sensation to the lung hit is when you drink via a straw and then gulp it quickly. It’s similar to drinking through a straw for a mouth hit, except that you keep the liquid in your mouth rather than gulping it down or swallowing it. Please avoid using your nose to breathe while conducting this phase of the ghost trick, as it can compromise the ghost’s vapour quality.

Keep the Vapour in Your Mouth

Another crucial factor is how long you should keep the vapour in your mouth. It will take two to three seconds to form into the dense ball you need for the ghost to function if you hold it in your mouth for that long. At most, five seconds should be spent keeping the vapour in your mouth. This is distinct from simply exhaling many ordinary clouds while vaping or blowing smoke rings. Whenever you vape, you typically exhale a lot of vapour. With this approach, you want to release a shadow that appears more substantial or significant.

Now, Exhale

Usually, the vapour forms a cloud as it is released. You must pay close attention to your exhalation technique to produce a more immense, more substantial cloud of steam for the ghosting trick to function. Your mouth should form a tight O before you exhale. The vapour cloud will be better the faster you can make the O shape. Once the mouth is positioned correctly, softly exhale to let the vapour out. To help you expel the smoke from your mouth, use your tongue. Your tongue’s motion helps the smoke maintain its shape rather than erupt in a haphazard cloud.

How Much Pressure Should You Apply?

The force you use with your tongue will also affect how well your ghost trick works. The vape vapour moves farther with more vigour. A little tongue push will keep the vape cloud close to your face; a firm push will move it farther away. A softer shove is preferable for this manoeuvre. The cloud’s density can also be changed using your tongue. A solid-appearing, dense cloud will result in a little tongue flick. An enormous vape cloud will be produced with a more brutal film. A thick cloud is preferable for this vaping trick because it will be simpler to record and appear more professional.

Inhale again

It would help if you breathed in again to take in the vape cloud or “ghost” after you expelled it. Your lips’ shape is crucial for this portion of the method to work. Your lips should be shaped away from one another and outward rather than in the shape of an O. You can better capture the ghost if you hold your lips in this manner. Changing the opening may also modify how quickly you capture the ghost. Open your lips wide to breathe in more quickly if you want to catch it quickly. By keeping the hole narrower, you can take more time to inhale.

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Tips to Avoid Coughing After ghost vape trick

Tips to Avoid Coughing After ghost vape trick

When people learn how to ghost vape for the first time, they frequently experience coughing if they accidentally gulp the vapour right away. This can happen if they begin to breathe in but stop before the air reaches the lungs. This can happen frequently until you figure out how to regulate the action. One suggestion for preventing choking while coughing is to inhale the vapour via your nose while exhaling through your mouth. Your lungs will be satisfied, and you won’t need to breathe in to maintain the mist in your mouth.

Ghost smoke tricks for beginners 

In addition to mastering the ghost inhale and exhale technique mentioned above, you can ensure your trick is successful by paying attention to a few professional pointers.

  • When breathing in the ghost, try to avoid moving around too much because this could ruin the shape you made.
  • The spirit doesn’t have to be captured right away. It won’t decompose or lose its shape that rapidly.
  • Move carefully and slowly. Fast movements will cause the shape to disperse more quickly in the air.
  • Try to close your mouth less when breathing in the ghost as you get better. Many individuals believe that making the ghost vanish more slowly is more stunning.

What Other Vaping Techniques Exist?

You might want to try some other vaping techniques when you have mastered the art of ghost vaping. The jellyfish, French inhale, Irish waterfall, dragon, tornado, and blowing O’s vapour bubbles are some techniques you can try.

These are only a few of the tactics vapers have devised, and as e-cigarettes become more and more popular, more will probably be created. There are many online and social media tutorials for anyone who wants to master all the vaping methods.

What Additional Smoking Techniques Can Novices Try?

Nowadays, there are a tonne of vaping scams being used. The Tornado, Jellyfish, Triangles, Blowing O’s Vapor Bubble, and the Dragon are among the simpler ones you can try. You can do each of these feats by regulating your breathing and maintaining the stability of your inhalation and exhalation.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Inhaling too much vapour

Inhaling too much vapour is one of the most frequent errors newbies make while using a ghost vaporizer. This may cause discomfort during vaping, throat inflammation, and coughing. To prevent this, inhale carefully and in small puffs to get accustomed to the vapour.

Improper exhalation

Improper exhalation is another error novices frequently make. It would help to inhale the vapour gently to achieve the ghost effect when vaping. Exhaling too quickly can not have the desired result. To master the ghost vaping technique, take your time and practice slowly exhaling.

The wrong e-liquid or equipment

The wrong e-liquid or device could ruin your experience vaping with ghosts. Select an e-liquid of excellent calibre and appropriate for vaping spirits. The ghost effect cannot be achieved with all gadgets, so pick one that is made with the necessary vapour production capabilities.

Safety concerns

Finally, being informed about the safety risks related to vaping is critical. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and avoid using broken equipment. Ensure that you keep your e-liquid, equipment, and disposal methods out of reach of kids, animals, and people. Stop vaping with a ghost immediately if you feel any unfavourable side effects, and if necessary, get medical help.

How Can You Prevent Swallowing the Vapour?

People also need help with doing the ghost vape trick by not inhaling the vapour cloud. Before they can let the hazy mist out of their mouths, many people ingest it. You can act as a block by using your tongue to stop it from happening. The vapour cloud is a dense formation and would take longer to manoeuvre around obstacles than cigarette smoke does.


How to ghost vape can provide vapers with a unique and pleasurable experience. One of the simple vape methods for new users is the ghost vape. The only tools you need are your vape pen, a little practice, and some patience for the ghost, although some more complex tricks call for additional supplies like soap. The trick’s effectiveness depends on using the proper approach, which enables the vape cloud to take the ideal shape. We hope this guide has shortened your learning curve for mastering the ghost vape trick and that you are now proficient in one of the most well-liked vape tricks. You can post queries in the comments section if you have any inquiries concerning the ghost vape technique.


How to ghost with a vape?

Firstly, allow the smoke to stay in the mouth for a moment, then gently expel it with your tongue without breathing. Immediately after the smoke has left your mouth, quickly re-suck it in. It is wise to master the Ghost Inhale early on because it is employed in increasingly complex feats.

How to do tricks with vape?

People perform vape tricks, among other things, because they enjoy creativity and play. Vape tricks add a feeling of adventure and excitement to life. Schemes include blowing an enormous plume possible (cloud chasing) and creating little smoke-filled bubbles.

How does a ghost inhale?

The Ghost Smoke trick requires you to exhale a substantial vapour cloud in the shape of a ball and then inhale it again. Although it appears complicated, this impressive-looking technique is simple to learn with some practice. Please take a deep breath of vapour, but do not inhale it; retain it in your mouth.




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