How To Blow Rings Vape? Easy Tips For Beginners

How To Blow Rings Vape

Blowing rings using a vape device has gained popularity among vapers, dazzling both the user and observers with fascinating forms and motions. It’s an art that calls for talent and some training. Have you ever seen someone wow a crowd with creative smoke rings and shapes, and does it come into your mind how to blow rings vape? If you want to know how to blow flawless, billowing rings of vapor, you’ve come to the right place. We will dig into the world of vape ring blowing in this post, giving you a thorough primer on how to master this enthralling ability. These techniques can help you improve your craft and create magnificent rings that will wow everyone. So let’s learn how to blow vape rings like a pro.

A step-by-step guide on How to blow rings vape

How to blow a ring vape? Simple vape tricks like smoke rings are still remarkable. They are also relatively easy to complete. It can be entertaining and great to become skilled at blowing smoke rings with a vaporizer. 

Select the appropriate vape product

Some vapes are more effective than others in creating smoke rings. Choose a device with reasonable airflow control that creates dense vapor. This will make it simpler to shape smoke rings with precision.

Get your vape ready

Ascertain that the e-liquid of your choice is in your vaporizer and that it is ultimately charged. The ideal e-liquid is one with a high VG content because it creates thicker vapor.

Take a deep breath

Using your vape pen, take a deep breath and keep it there for a few seconds. This will guarantee that you have plenty of vapor.

Make an O with your mouth

Place your mouth and throat in the shape of the letter “O.” Your lips should be in a small, circular opening.

Position your tongue

Place it towards the bottom of your mouth, near the back. It should be at ease and sitting directly behind your lower front teeth.

Release the vapor

Maintaining an “O” shape with your lips, gently cough from your throat to expel a small amount of vapor from your mouth. This movement resembles a light punch to the throat or a light “k” sound.

Control the shape

To create a smoke ring, you must control your mouth and the rate at which you exhale. Some people have luck making the proper pressure for the rings by lightly pressing their throat or flicking their cheek.

Practise makes perfect

Perfecting the technique and timing for blowing smoke rings with a vape takes a lot of practice. Don’t give up if you fail right away; keep trying. You’ll develop your technique with time and effort and be able to create magnificent smoke rings.

Blow rings vape styles

Blow rings vape styles

It may be a lot of fun to blow smoke rings with a vape, and with practice, you can pick up some unique skills to wow your friends. Here are some sophisticated methods you can use:

Double ring 

You can try blowing double rings when you are proficient at blowing single smoke rings. Blow one large ring initially, then blow a second, smaller ring that goes through the first one’s center. Timing and mouth control must be exact for this.

Triple ring

A double ring plus an additional ring. Blow one ring through the center of the first, then another, a smaller ring through the center of the second, and finally, a third ring through the center of the first. 

Bull Ring: 

Blowing a thick, wide ring, followed by a quick burst of air to force a smaller ring into the first one’s center. This gives the appearance that a bull uses its horns to pierce the larger ring.

Jellyfish ring

Blowing a big, dense ring, then using your hand or a light air push, making the ring expand and contract, mimicking the pulsating action of a jellyfish, is known as the “jellyfish ring” trick.

Vortex ring

When creating a vortex, lower your head slightly and blow the rings horizontally rather than straight out. With practice, you may flick your palm or lightly tap the rings to generate circular motions that will appear to swirl like a vortex.

Bending rings

Rings can be bent by blowing them first, then using your hand or a light air push to shift their direction or bend them. This gives the ring a distinctive form and gives your techniques more originality.

Keep in mind that these techniques demand time and practice. Before beginning the complex methods, perfect the fundamental technique of blowing smoke rings. It’s crucial to vape sensibly and per local laws.

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Tips to blow rings vape like a Pro.

  • The best vape device generates substantial vapor clouds and has effective airflow regulation. Stable rings will be simpler to produce as a result.
  • The best e-liquid to choose contains a high VG (vegetable glycerin) content since it produces denser vapor, which is excellent for making stable rings.
  • Learn how to inhale correctly by taking a calm, steady draw from your vape device and letting the vapor build up in your mouth before blowing a ring.
  • Forming your mouth and tongue properly involves lightly pursing your lips to create the shape of an “O.” Put your tongue in the back of your throat to expel the vapor.
  • Use your tongue force a little, as too much power can prevent the ring from forming. Always remember to exhale slowly and steadily.
  • To exert more control, consider making gentle throat movements that resemble coughing or giving short, sharp breaths from your diaphragm. This aids in forming a clear and consistent ring.
  • Try out various breathing patterns and rates. Vary the force and speed of your exhale to discover the ideal combination for generating circles. You can also try different versions, including coughing rings, where you cough briefly and gently to expel the vapor.
  • The “ghost inhale” method should be mastered once you feel confident blowing rings. To accomplish this, blow a ring out, then swiftly breathe it back in to give the impression that the ring has vanished.
  • Just like learning any new talent, blowing vape rings requires a lot of repetition. Continue experimenting, and you’ll eventually develop a better method and be able to create stunning rings.


In conclusion, learning how to blow rings vape can be entertaining and beautiful. You may refine your technique and make stunning rings with your vape device by following the advice mentioned above. Remember to select an appropriate vape pen and e-liquid, practice good inhaling technique, appropriately shape your mouth and tongue, exhale gently and steadily, utilize brief bursts of air, and experiment with various speeds and methods. You’ll be able to astound your pals with your vape ring-blowing abilities with time and patience. However, while vaping, always put safety first and follow local laws. Explore the creative side of vaping and enjoy the art of blowing vape rings responsibly.


How to blow rings when vaping?

Maintain a round ‘O’ shape with your lips and keep your tongue at the back of your throat at the bottom of your mouth. Then, expel a small amount of vapor using your throat in a brief, pulsating action akin to a slight cough. The size of the O you form with your lips will determine how much vapor you release.

How to blow a smoke ring with a vape?

Do not breathe the smoke in with your mouth open. Create a slight “ooo” shape with your lips. Flick or tap your cheek repeatedly while slowly and steadily exhaling some smoke with your tongue and mouth. You’ll receive a tiny ring with each cheek flick!

How to blow smoke rings vape? 

A smoker can produce rings by taking smoke into their mouth and letting it out with a tongue flick, closing their jaw, tapping their cheek, or suddenly exhaling air via their throat and lungs. The smoker may also use those techniques to expel smoke from their mouth.




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