How Long Do Vapes Last: A Complete Guide To Extending Their Lifespan

how long do vape last

How long do vapes last? This is a typical query from current vapers and those thinking about switching from traditional cigarettes to vaping. A vape device’s lifespan is influenced by several variables, such as its quality, frequency of use, and maintenance. You can manage your vaping budget and make sure you have a dependable device when you need it most by knowing how long your vape device is likely to survive. In this article, we’ll look at the elements that determine a vape’s longevity and offer some advice on how to make it last longer.

What is vaping? 

Vaping is inhaling a mist or vapour into your lungs using a portable electronic gadget. A liquid containing nicotine, flavouring, propylene glycol, and other additives is heated in an electronic cigarette, vape pen, or other nicotine delivery device (ENDS) to create an aerosol inhaled through a mouthpiece. Breathing issues, organ damage, addiction, and other diseases can all be brought on by vaping.

What happens when you vape?

A tiny piece of equipment is used to breathe heated liquid into your lungs while vaping. The liquid inside the e-cigarette, vape pen, or other vaping device is heated to produce an aerosol. This is not vaporized water. E-cigarette mist contains airborne nicotine, flavouring, and other chemical particles. These specks are inhaled into your mouth through the mouthpiece, where they go to your throat and lungs.

Factors Affecting the Lifespan of Vapes

How long vapes last depends on various variables that may impact a vape’s lifespan, some of which are mentioned below:

Use frequency

Your vape will wear out more quickly the more you use it. The longevity of a vape is limited by the number of puffs or sessions it can withstand; therefore, using one too frequently can reduce its lifespan.


Maintaining or cleaning a vape coil regularly might help it last longer. This entails keeping the item clean, repairing worn-out components, and storing it correctly.

Material quality

The vaper’s material quality may impact the vaper’s longevity. Cheaper, low-quality vapes will likely break down sooner than more expensive, durable devices.

Environmental factors

Extremes of both temperature and humidity can have an impact on vapes. The longevity of the gadget may be shortened by exposure to extreme heat or moisture.

Battery life

The battery is a crucial part of the vape; how frequently and properly it is maintained will determine how long it lasts. Batteries can deteriorate over time, so using and charging them correctly is critical to maximizing their life.

Type of vape

Your choice of vape can have an impact on how long a vape lasts. In contrast to refillable vapes, disposable vapes are made to be used only once before being discarded.

Types of Vapes and Their Lifespan

Disposable vapes

Disposable vapes are made to be used up till the e-liquid or battery runs out. Depending on their use, they can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

Refillable vapes

Because they can be replenished with e-liquid, refillable vapes often last longer than disposable vapes. The quality of the gadget and how well it is maintained can affect how long these devices last, though. An effective refilling vape can last for several months or several years.

Mechanical and box mods

Mechanical and box mods are often made for seasoned vapers who wish to personalize their vaping experience. These devices may last longer than other vapes, but it relies on their quality and how well they are cared for. A mechanical or box mod of high quality can last for many years.

Pod systems

Because of its portability and ease of use, Pod systems are gaining popularity. Using them and the quality of the gadget can affect how long they last. An effective pod system can last anywhere from a few months to a year.

How to Extend the Lifespan of Vapes

How long can a vape last? You can do a few things to help prolong the lifespan of your vaporizer if you want to. The following advice:

Keep your vaporizer in good working order

Regular maintenance is necessary to extend the life of your vaporizer. Be careful to regularly clean your device and go by the manufacturer’s cleaning and maintenance instructions. As a result, your gadget will operate more effectively and last longer.

Charge your battery properly

The battery is the most important part of a vape device, and appropriate charging is crucial to extending its lifespan. Following the manufacturer’s guidelines when charging your device is critical because overcharging might lead to battery degradation.

Properly store your device

It’s recommended to keep your vape device out of direct sunlight and in a cool, dry location while not in use. Protecting your gadget from extreme temperatures is crucial because it can harm it and its parts.

Use high-quality e-liquids

Your device’s lifespan can also be impacted by the quality of the e-liquid you use. Use reputed brands of e-liquid since high-quality e-liquids are less likely to harm your device and its parts.

Use the right coils

Using the right coil for your vape device can help it last longer. Coils are a crucial part of any vape device. Your gadget could be harmed if the incorrect coil is used. 

Why is proper care and maintenance of vapes important?

Vapes must be properly maintained and cared for to know how long a vape lasts.

  • First, frequent maintenance can guarantee that your vape equipment functions correctly and effectively. This implies you will get the best flavour and vapour production during your vaping session.
  • Second, routine maintenance can lessen the risk of harm to your gadget and its parts. Your device may become clogged with dirt, dust, and e-liquid residue over time, harming its internal components. The longevity of your equipment can be extended by routine maintenance and cleaning, which can help avoid this buildup.
  • Thirdly, regular maintenance and care can also guarantee the security of your gadget. It’s crucial to routinely check your equipment for any damage or wear and tear symptoms because faulty or damaged devices can risk the user’s safety.
  • Maintaining your vape equipment properly might help you save money. You may save money on repairs and replacements if you keep your gadget in good working order because it will be less likely to need expensive repairs or replacements.
  • Overall, your vape device’s longevity, safety, and performance depend on how well you take care of and maintain it. Your device can run correctly and have the finest vaping experience if you perform routine cleaning, charging, and maintenance.

Signs that indicate your vape device may need to be replaced

How long should a vape last? An increasingly common substitute for smoking cigarettes is vaping. However, they are susceptible to wear and tear with time, just like any electronic item, which can necessitate replacement. The following are some typical warning signals that it’s time to update your vape device:

Reduced vapour production

It might be time to replace your vape device if you notice a considerable drop in the vapour it produces. A worn-out coil or a clogged atomizer, both of which can impact vapour output, may be to blame for this.

Burnt flavour

If your vape device has a burnt flavour, the coil may have reached the end of its useful life. Overheating of the loop, which can occur if the ring is used for an excessive amount of time or if it has been damaged, gives food a burnt taste.

Leaking or broken parts

If your vape device is dripping e-liquid, there is a problem with the device. Leaking can be caused by malfunctioning o-rings, fractured tanks, or damaged seals. If the apparatus is not fixed or replaced, it may harm other parts and present a safety risk.

Battery problems

The batteries that power vaping devices might deteriorate over time. It might be time to replace the battery if your gadget is not holding a charge or is taking longer to charge than usual. It’s critical to fix battery problems as soon as possible because a bad battery can lead to the gadget overheating or even exploding.


In conclusion, a vape device’s lifespan might vary depending on several variables, including its type, quality, and level of maintenance. The answer to the question “How long do vapes last?” is not straightforward because it depends on the components mentioned above. However, you can assist in extending the lifespan of your vape device by adhering to correct maintenance procedures, such as routine cleaning, adequate charging, proper storing, using high-quality e-liquids, and utilizing the right coils. Keeping your gadget clean increases its longevity and guarantees a better vaping experience.


 How long do vapes usually last?

The most popular sizes of vape cartridges right now are 3 grams: many disposable vape pens are this size. It can last you for around 80 to 100 puffs. Five grams: this can last for about 120 to 150 puffs.

How long is a vape supposed to last?

Depending on the battery size and e-liquid amount, the typical lifespan of a disposable vape is 200–1500 puffs. More puffs are available from larger batteries; some brands incorporate battery life indications. Vapes with a higher capacity last longer and must be replaced less frequently.

How long does a puff on a vape last?

Currently, the most popular vape cartridge sizes are: Many disposable vape pens weigh 3 grams. You can get about 80 to 100 puffs out of it. Five grammes: this is plenty for 120–150 puffs.




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