Can CBD cause Liver Damage? How and What do doctors say about it?

CBD cause liver damage

Yes, the Molecules journal demonstrated that large doses of CBD cause liver damage. Regulators are alerting the public to potential dangers associated with CBD use. Additionally, they are on the lookout for businesses making unsupported claims about what their CBD products can and cannot do.

Sideffects of CBD that cause liver damage.

The liver breaks down BD in two stages (1):

  • Phase 1: The CBD is first broken down by the cytochrome P450 enzyme system into various metabolites, such as 7-COOH-CBD; 
  • Phase 2: These metabolites are coupled with glucuronic acid to create more water-soluble molecules. Water-soluble chemicals allow the kidneys to excrete faeces and urine.

In general, the way that the liver metabolises CBD is similar to how it metabolises other substances.

Research on CBD

  • Two investigations on healthy human adults indicated that daily CBD doses of 1500 mg or 20 mg/kg can result in increased liver enzyme levels (ALT and AST). 
  • In one investigation with epilepsy patients, higher liver enzyme levels were only discovered in patients who used valproate sodium. Elevated ALT and AST values can be a sign of liver injury. 
  • One mouse study indicated that excessively high doses of CBD can cause liver damage and even a state that is referred to as being “at the point of death,” and that the anti-epileptic drug valproate sodium is linked to liver damage;
  • There is currently no proof linking CBD levels of 1200 mg or 20 mg/kg/day with liver damage, according to a review study;
  • Regular CBD users didn’t have higher liver enzyme levels, according to a research including 839 participants. The CBD group was contrasted with a comparable group of non-CBD users. 
  • At least one investigation discovered that CBD may shield the liver from alcohol-related liver damage. 
  • We don’t know how these interactions will affect the liver. Therefore, before taking any CBD, even in modest doses, if you’re taking medicine, always check with your doctor.

CBD research

What the Research has found about CBD dosage?

Researchers from the University of Arkansas looked into the effects of administering various doses of CBD to a group of mice that were 8 weeks old. They did this because they felt there was a “lack of comprehensive toxicological studies devoted to CBD safety that are critical for further marketing of CBD and CBD-containing products.”

200 mg of CBD

Although the mice tolerated the CBD in significant amounts, the highest doses—200 mg of CBD per kilogramme of body weight—were shown to cause liver damage in some of the animals. 

“Although (a dose of) 200 mg of CBD per kilogramme of body weight is not applicable to the majority of real-life situations, it does provide critical information regarding the potential effects of CBD overdose as well as for doses needed for further subchronic and chronic toxicity studies,” the authors wrote in a paper that appeared in the journal Molecules.

50 mg of CBD

The human equivalent of roughly 50 mg of CBD per kilogramme of body weight similarly demonstrated symptoms of liver enlargement and damage when administered repeatedly.

How Much CBD Is Safe for Liver to Consume?

It’s not yet known whether CBD, even in very modest doses, is fully safe for the liver. However, in light of these research, it seems unlikely that the typical CBD dosage seen in the majority of products won’t result in irreversible liver damage. The typical CBD dosage for non-medical use ranges between 20 and 100 mg. 

However, if you’re on prescription medication, everything changes. Higher CBD dosages and/or taking them with prescription medications may harm the liver. However, we are unable to provide an accurate figure based on these investigations.

CBD for liver

Should you be concerned about liver damage then?

There were restrictions on this study. The main one was that it was done using a mouse model. Humans and mice do not share a common physiology. Furthermore, there is no human data that suggests chronic CBD usage can impair liver health. 

You are only allowed to consume 20 mg of cannabidiol per day, and there have been no known incidents of injury at this dosage. The extrapolation of this research demonstrates that the 20 mg/kg maximum daily dosage has no adverse effects on humans.

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When to Use CBD Carefully?

If you intend to use CBD products medically, speak with your doctor first. You can get an accurate evaluation of CBD’s potential benefit for your particular medical condition from your doctor.

Always talk to your doctor before using marijuana if you take prescription medications. It makes no difference if you intend to use CBD for medical reasons like pain reduction or anxiety relief. Numerous research indicate that CBD and the majority of prescription medications may interact.

use CBD


According to one study, CBD may harm the liver. But this study has some drawbacks. Furthermore, no other study studies offers a comparable proposal. So there is no reason to be afraid of the stuff. However, you must be careful when selecting a product because there are many rip-offs out there that don’t perform as promised or even contain the specified amount of CBD.

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